The Hare & the Tortoise

The tortoise accepted the hare’s demand for a rematch, and the news spread throughout the country. The great race was about to commence, and all the participants were finally ready for this big showdown. Who, among the hare, the tortoise, the wolf, the lamb, and the fox, will be celebrated as the fastest runner in the woods? Bet on a good animal, and don’t forget: Nothing is served by running; you must leave on time!

Racing game for the young and old with an easy to grasp mechanism with a rather than usual deep strategy.BoardGameHub
  • Availability: Available SRP:R430.00 | Order
  • Game Designer: Gun-Hee Kim
  • Game Publisher: IELLO
  • Game Category: Card Game
  • Game Mechanic: Betting and Hand Management
  • Learning Highlights: Probability, Strategic Thinking
Game Overview
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