• Gamewright
    Gamewright was founded in 1994 by four parents whose kids wanted great games.

    Gamewright makes some really fun and educational games for young and old to enjoy together. They are a premier brand in family gaming and well worth looking into.BoardGameHub

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  • IELLO Games
    IELLO is a game and toy company founded in 2004 in Nancy, France. We began solely as a distributor, but by 2008, we began partnering with many studios to publish games as well. In 2010, we began publishing under our own brand. We specialize in games that are rich with graphics, beautiful in design, and innovative in game play.

    A great publishing house with awesome family fun games. Publishers of the Tales and Games Series are great fun for the family and especially younger kids.BoardGameHub

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  • IDW Games
    IDW Games is a burgeoning division of IDW Publishing created with the intention of bringing high-quality strategic board games to market featuring several of IDW’s creator-owned and licensed products. IDW Games offers both big and small box games providing entertainment for fans of all ages.

    Great quality games that the kids and family enjoy, especially Machi Koro, IDW Games truly build on the success of IDW Publishing. Any new IDW Games announcements always have my attention.BoardGameHub

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  • Fun Forge
    Funforge is a privately held publisher of card and board games based in Paris – France.

    Our commitment is to product entertaining games that are wonderful to look at and manipulate, with strong themes, attractive gameplay and a high replay value.

    Tokaido and Quantum for us as a family is two excellent games and highly recommended with a lot in the pipeline and upcoming releases, can’t wait to see what is next out of this stable.BoardGameHub

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  • Portal Games
    Books and movies are an amazing escape that can take us to different worlds. They fuel our imagination and dreams. They let us walk in the shoes of great heroes and have exciting adventures. With games, however, we can go further. We can experience these stories together with our friends. Gather around a table and fight enemies together. Survive or die as a group. Together, we can tell stories.

    This is what we do. This is what we believe in. Do you want to defend a castle? Do you want to build an Empire? Survive on deserted Island? Call your friends, sit at the table and get ready for the amazing story you will tell this evening.

    One of my favour publishing houses with heavy themed games that tell stories in which you can submerge yourself into. What ever Ignacy Trzewiczek touches seems to turn into Gold when it games to boardgame design. Most exciting new comer from Portal games are Rattle Battle Grab the Loot, can’t wait.BoardGameHub

    Portal Games

  • Green Couch Games
    Green Couch Games is a tabletop game publishing company located in Flint, Michigan. It was founded in 2014 by Jason Kotarski to release great little games that make great big connections.

    Green Couch Games